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Everyone's a Critic!

Comment with any criticism or praise on how I'm doing with Mimi. Anon is on and so is Screening. Go nuts!

CELL PHONE: Text Messaging!

Send Mimi-chan a text message! You know you want to!

Msg To: chosenchildmimi@au.ezweb.ne.jp
From: XXXX@XX.XXXX.ne.jp (You!)


CELL PHONE: Voice Mail

A bright ring sounds five times before it picks up. Cheerful, poppy music is playing in the background, and you hear a quick breath before Mimi's familiar, hyper voice blurbs a quick greeting into your ear:

Hi! This is Mimi, you know what to do!

A gentle, nondescript woman's voice commands "At the tone, please leave your message."



Aside from the occasional goodiebag from her mother, or the latest fashion catalogs, Mimi's mail carrier never brings her anything of interest. Little does anyone know that Mimi loves surprises, and the best kinds are those that are marked "Special Delivery!" Want to put a smile on Mimi's face? It doesn't take much, but a simple letter--





As in, it won't blow out cold air. Just...it's no better than a FAN!!!!

A fan is all well and good for plants and Palmon (was I just redundant?) but for a hot-blooded, sweaty girl?! With long hair that sticks to her neck and cheeks and like everywhere else?!

And trying to sleep with the fan blaring full-blast--! I'm not a light sleeper by any means, but the fan plus the train plus the dogs barking is just...!!

Anyone feel like hosting a sleep-over for us? I'll cook for you!!! Perverted boys with piMacs need not apply.

((OOC: .Hi guys! This is me trying to do a scene with someone(s). :3 Forgive my absence?))

Hey guys,

Palmon and I are ok, though Mom and Dad are paying to fly us back to the States in case things get worse.

I really don't want to go, but at the same time, I don't know what good I could do by staying...

Anyway, if you guys are able to make it around here--if you're even in town--I have tons of food stocked in my pantry, and all of you are welcome to stop by for a meal if you're having trouble finding stuff.

Love you guys, please tell me you're ok!!

New Year's Eve!

Uwaah! Where did 2010 go?! I feel like I'm getting old. ;_; 

Guess what guys! My parents are headed here to visit in Tokyo! Does anyone want to get together for a faaaabulous dinner in Ginza? My parents will be paying~! (And Mom won't be cooking, so wipe that look off your face! D: )

Anyway, I'm sorry I've been kinda MIA, peeps. Things just get so busy when you're an adult! That's what I am, right?

Palmon's been fussing at me since forever to go out and be social...because who's Mimi-chan if not a social butterfly, amirite? XD

So! I've requested off all of next week, so I'm going to be here to help fulfill whatever Mimi-chan withdrawals you've all suffered! Don't be shy! Let's make a date!

Girl Time!

Who: Mimi and Sora (and Digimon in tow?)
When: The Weekend!
Where: Omote-Sando
What: Some much-needed girl time!
Status: Incomplete

Mimi was so glad that she had opted not to wear something with heels. Not only was it becoming in better taste to wear boots and shoes which were flat, it was so much better for your feets' general health.

Shopping? Shopping!!!Collapse )

RP Log: They said there'd be pie.

Who: Jou, Mimi, and Gomamon
When: A while back, this past summer.
Where: Mimi's Arubaito (Part-Time Job)
Status: Complete

Squeezed between a first-story Eikawa and a third-story office was a colorful and European-style family restaurant. It had red and white checkered curtains and brown straw baskets and decor - frankly, it looked like Hayao Miyazaki's dream cottage.

The pie was a lie.Collapse )



You know, I really hate admitting when I'm failing at something, but I'm on my last limb. This job plus a full workload at school plus trying to keep up with my friends...I don't know how anyone else can do it, but I can't. I'm just not good enough of a multi-tasker to get it, it seems. My social life has suffered horribly, and I'm not even sure where to begin making amends.

I'm lucky if any of them swing by where I work - but I don't have any of the same classes as them, so I don't see how I can make time...and my school work is suffering too. I've never been a natural student like Koushirou-san and Jou-senpai, but I used to at least swing decent grades.

I think I'm going to have to quit this job if I want to stand a chance of seeing anyone! But how can I afford living back in Tokyo without one?



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